ordinary for you

selected friends for the trip

leaf boy visits sd

I am all ears. 

I place my hand firmly on her shoulder and offer a gentle squeeze. She looks at me with a smile that everything is not all right. But for this exchange of a moment, we stay calm. We collect the senses of the seen and seem to forget the load of duties for the day. We are with each other. Present. We open each other like gifts and savor the simple - for once - not solitude.

Quiet sat in the curling crevices of their lips. Could they not come up with more to say, or had they said enough?

butterflies flitter 
tell me how and why

Don’t want to make a commotion 
so you dance out the emotion

camp soon <3

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We often think of stress as some vague thing that happens to us; but stress is actually defined as ‘our response to conditions or stimuli in the environment.’

best friend’s doggy woggy

Henrietta makes a friend

new kicks

he listens to really old video game soundtracks as he studies.