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I was looking at mental health/counseling or teaching for a pretty long time. but then I thought about how I wanted to be more hands-on and actually helping patients alongside instead of just offering solutions and referring them to someone else. I want to be that someone working with them to produce tangible results where I can measure if they’re getting better. and I figured physical and mental health are related so I might as well work on the physical side and if they happen to have any mental issues or existential problems, I could listen and talk on the side. and it wouldn’t be part of my job, it’d just be like a casual thing. I guess I didn’t want my job to be a counselor in that respect because I’m not good with maintaining professionalism. but if I can act like myself while helping them with physical rehabilitation, they don’t have to take my words so seriously as if it’s truth. just a friendly input ya’know. and I think that sticks more with people in a non-stigmatizing way. it’s more organic and helpful I think

R . I . C . E

R . I . C . E

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no banana

handful of ice, 1/4 avocado, 1 cup spinach, 1/2 apple, 2 large strawberries, 2 small cubes of watermelon, 1 cup of vanilla soy milk

In-office Exercises

There’s a couple things.

Sitting for long periods of time is really bad for us, so one technique involves standing while you work; place your laptop on top of a stack of books or boxes on the table where you can see your computer screen at eye level. Also make stacks for your mouse and keyboard so you can work comfortably while standing. It might look silly when everyone else is sitting, but everything else I’m about to say is just as silly.

Now onto exercises in the office space. If you don’t get a chance to walk around outside the building during your breaks, then here are some alternatives:

1. SQUATS - Move your chair aside and do squats. If you need a number, do 3 sets of 10 reps after every 30 minutes of inactivity. That’s a total of 30 squats (a squat for each minute you were sitting!).

2. PUSH-UPS - Push your chair into the desk if possible. You need enough space to do push-ups. Push-ups are a great re-energizer. When I was an undergrad, I used to always do push-ups during my research/writing breaks. I’d normally start with 10 push-ups, and if you feel you can do more, then go for it! (Modification: you can go on your knees.) If you don’t like having your face so close to the floor (because who knows how often those floors are cleaned), then you can do push-ups off the corner of your desk. Put your hands on the desk with your feet on the ground. Make sure you are in a plank form before you proceed with the push-up. Since push-ups are usually more difficult to do, I suggest just doing one set and then taking the rest of your break to do a simple exercise to decrease your heart rate.

3. KNEE-RAISE - Here’s a simple exercise to do while standing: lift one knee up (as high as your belly button) and pat that knee with the opposite hand. Switch sides and do the same thing to the other knee. Repeat this process for 20 to 30 reps (10 to 15 on each side).

4. WALK-IN-PLACE - Stand up, then lift your knees and gently swing your arms as if you were walking. The pace can be slow and relaxed as if you’re going for a stroll, or it can be fast like a power walker.

5. YOGA - Stretching is essential, especially since sitting adds tension to your lower back. Sit in your chair and lean forward as close to your knees as possible. Aim to reach your head towards your shins. If you can, use your arms to hug behind your knees or to reach for your toes.

*Tip: If you do get sweaty, I suggest having a piece of paper ready. Fold it in half (hamburger-style) and start fanning yourself. That’s another mini-work out.


one hug, two hug, yellow dog, black dog

one hug, two hug, yellow dog, black dog

went super red head if you know what I’m saiyan

went super red head if you know what I’m saiyan


1 large celery stick, 1 med-sized banana, 6 small frozen strawberries, half a nectarine, ice & soy milk.

cater 2 myself. smoothie: 1 med-sized banana, 1/4 avocado, 1 cup spinach, ice & almond milk

cater 2 myself. smoothie: 1 med-sized banana, 1/4 avocado, 1 cup spinach, ice & almond milk

good points

In a world where people know that doing good and doing bad matters because they will be judged. Each good act gives you a certain amount of points. If you do the good act just because you want the points, then it cheapens the ‘good’ act and you don’t get as many points than an honest and pure act of kindness. People save up these good points so that they can afford to do bad acts if they wish, things like dine-n-dash or bring a baseball bat to a grocery store and smashing all the watermelons outside. The thing is, no one knows how many good points they have; they can only guesstimate and assume they’ve racked in a nice number, but there is a risk that they actually perform bad acts without knowing, so they could potentially be in the negative range of points. ‘Bad’ can be defined however you want.  Some people believe breaking rules are bad while some believe that what truly constitutes ‘bad’ is if it affects someone negatively. So the question is: 

If you knew you had enough good points saved up, what would be the first bad thing you do?

to my ol’ roomie:

I thought I’d write to you - since you’re over there, and I’m over here now. 

I know I told a handful of people, but I don’t remember if I told you.  My ol’ roomie -you- were the best person I could have asked to room with.  I know our living situation wasn’t one of clean carpets and morning sunshine, but we did what we could. We managed.  

But it was more about the time we didn’t spend at the place. You anchored at work to pay the bills; me out fishing and reeling in rare feels.  After a many long days and returning to our den, I was so grateful to see the light on before I reached the door and open it ever-so-softly as to not disturb you. I knew that when I walked through the door, you would treat me the same. We had a mutual understanding. But sometimes I would bother you, and sometimes is an exaggeration.  I did a lot of fishing. Some days I’d dive straight in the water and emerge bloated. I’d come home looking a lot heavier and maybe you noticed. I was so bloated with words and it’d all come pouring out as if there were no end. So you helped me find those ends. You never poked hard. You just poked in all the right places. And your questions would lead me to think of how to fish better next time so I wouldn’t come back home so bloated.  But there were still times after that I would, and you’d start to poke again, but this time - you also drank the water. It wasn’t the same as diving in and swallowing a mouthful of the sea itself, but it was enough for you to get a taste. 

It wasn’t the best taste, and I wish I had something better to offer like you did with your cooking. And your cooking was my favorite because in those moments, it meant you overcame your fears. 

selfie game 💪

selfie game 💪